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The great highs of my career have been when an actor excels past what they originally thought was possible and surpasses their own expectations.


My job is to nurture and inspire actors to reach the next level of their artistic and professional growth.


I aim to create a supportive work environment where the artist feels safe to explore, educate and empower him or herself. The actor needs to feel that they can take risks, allow themselves to be vulnerable, and to try for the unconventional.

My teaching is inspired by a diversity of techniques, including Adler, Bogart, Grotowski, Spolin and Strasberg to name a few. I am there to guide the actor through several options and see what works best for the individual artist."

Teaching Bio

After four years of training with Sean Harris I can honestly call him a mad genius. If you end up having him as your teacher at any point in your life, you are extremely lucky, and will not only have a phenomenal teacher, but a great friend."

Ben Astrachan, Actor

BA, Theatre Arts, Brandeis University

Sean Harris helped me go from a shy, unconfident high schooler to a professional actress. He will challenge you and test your limits, but he will help you reach your full acting potential. Prepare to work hard, but I guarantee you will achieve great things."

Christy Matino, Actress

Amazon Prime's "The Perfect Murder"

I worked with Sean twice: first, when I applied to colleges, then again, when I transferred programs. As an audition coach, he helped me personalize the text and connect to my audition pieces so that when I brought them to the audition room they were completely polished.

Conor Proft, SAG-AFTRA

BFA, Boston University

Conor Proft

Sean has been honored with over 20 awards at State and Regional Competitions by the Connecticut Drama Association and NETC, including 2013 Finalist for Teacher of the Year. He was nominated for the 2015 Tony Award for Excellence in Theatre Education.

Past teaching gigs include with Florida Studio Theatre, Playhouse on Park, Western CT State University, Raritan Valley Community College, as well as a Guest Lecturer at Boston University and University of CT.

Sean's students have gone on to top drama departments across the country, including: Boston Conservatory, Boston University, Brandeis University, Chapman University, Emerson College, Fordham University, Ithaca College. Marymount Manhattan College, New England Conservatory, New York University – Tisch School of the Arts, Northwestern University, Purchase College - State University of New York, Syracuse University, Temple University, The Theatre School at DePaul University, The University of the Arts, University of Arizona, University of California - Irvine, University of Connecticut, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

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