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...a thoroughly engrossing and well-acted production at Playhouse on Park... director Sean Harris keeps the glimmer of a love story alive from beginning to, end and both actors imbue their parts with enormous sensitivity. 

- Zander Opper, Talkin' Broadway

Sean Harris Director | Passing Strange Reviews

Sean is co-founder and co-artistic director of Playhouse on Park, an

award-winning, professional theatre located in West Hartford, CT, where he directed heralded productions of Angels In America, Metamorphoses, Passing Strange, Cabaret, Hair, Danny and the Deep Blue Sea and Of Mice and Men, among others.

He serves as Playhouse on Park's resident casting director, for whom he has cast over 80 shows for their Mainstage, On-the-Edge, Playwrights-on-Park and Theatre for Young Audiences Series in both Connecticut and New York.

Sean has directed numerous World Premieres, including Pandora's Box and Arlene Hutton's Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry, both of which were invited to & performed at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.


Sean has his BA in Acting and Directing from DeSales University and an MFA from the New School for Drama/Actors Studio. 

Sean Harris Director | Metamorphoses Reviews

Co-artistic director Sean Harris gracefully, playfully stages and choreographs his committed company with good sense, style and puckish good humor."

- Frank Rizzo, Hartford Courrant

Director Sean Harris creates certain stage pictures (as this play requires effective use of tableaux as well as language) powerfully. The transformation of Alcyone and Ceyx is lovely and the sequence between Myrrha and her father manages to be passionate and disturbing."

- Jacques Lamarre, BroadwayWorld

Sean Harris Director | Metamorphoses Reviews
Sean Harris Director | Metamorphoses Reviews

But so skillfully wrought are these ancient tales by the playwright, and so deftly directed by Sean Harris and acted by a multi-talented person ensemble, that they seem as contemporary (or is it "timeless"?) as anything written yesterday."

- Gilbert Gigliotti, CT Wit


Sean Harris Director | Passing Strange Reviews


Directing a piece like Passing Strange requires a clear sense of artistic vision and Sean Harris effectively painted a picture that engrossed and enchanted but also pushed buttons and created the right amount of discomfort (and self-discovery) as the audience experiences the highs (literal in some cases) and lows experienced by the characters on stage."

– Joseph Harrison, BroadwayWorld

Director Sean Harris successfully takes all the creative elements of the production to achieve a harmonious whole.  He deftly manipulates the actors around the small stage, forcing the audience’s attention to be constantly in motion.  He effectively guides the cast members performing off center stage… They add to the overall ambience of the show as opposed to sacrificing the attention of the audience."

– Stu Brown, Stu on Broadway

Sean Harris Director | Passing Strange Reviews

"The true star of the production, however, is the director and visionary behind this Angels. Sean Harris clearly feels passionate about this play. Despite the visceral nature of the work and a daunting running time, he bravely kicks off Playhouse on Park's sixth season with what could have been a major bomb with audiences skittish about challenging work. Instead, he triumphs and we can't wait to see what he does next. 

– Jacques Lamarre, BroadwayWorld

Sean Harris Director | Angels in America Reviews


Sean Harris Director | Passing Strange Reviews

The Last Train to Nibroc

The production as a whole is simply, yet beautifully staged. Director Sean Harris utilizes the thrust platform and a bench quite well, first with the fateful meeting of Raleigh and May on the train, then as a secluded spot not far from the Nibroc festival, then on May's front porch. He has done a great job staging these three conversations in a way that stays interesting and exciting."

– Joseph Harrison, BroadwayWorld

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